Unsigned Records Multimedia's ToonersClip Advertising On Youtube Program

Unsigned Records Multimedia’s ToonersClip Advertising On Youtube Program offers your company a unique and effective advertising opportunity. We produce original, fully animated music videos and illustrated lyrics videos that can be utilized as ads on Youtube channels and/or specific Youtube videos. These are not commercials but short entertainment clips that we place before or during Youtube videos that your potential customers have already sought out for viewing.

These music videos have been produced for songs that have a very specific theme or story rather than a video of a band performance and we take great care in placing these videos on channels or videos whose viewers we know already have an interest in your product or service. Each video begins with the musical act’s name and the song title so it is clear from the very start that this is not an ad for a product but an entertaining music video, and is appropriate to the subject matter of the Youtube video that is currently being viewed. Your company or product name is superimposed along the bottom of the screen incorporating it into the body of the video from the beginning, and remaining for the entire length of the video. This asks nothing from the viewer except the opportunity to entertain them.

The viewer can elect to “skip the ad” after five seconds as per Google ads, however your message will be guaranteed to be seen for at least those first five seconds. Those five second impressions are absolutely free to you as your advertising budget is not impacted until the viewer has watched at least thirty seconds of the video. They can watch from thirty seconds up until the end of the video which may last as long as four minutes without incurring any increased cost to you. You can specify how much of your advertising budget you’d like to allocate on a per-day basis so you’ll always know how many views you’re getting and how much you’re paying without ever going over-budget. The video will also include a superimposed hyperlink and a separate banner ad on the video menu that will send the viewer immediately to your website when clicked.

Your potential customers are already watching these videos and when they see your company name as part of it, you’ll also be getting the band’s endorsement, so why let all these eyeballs go to waste

SPIRITUAL Advertising Video:

GHOST STORIES Advertising Video:

METAPHYSICS Advertising Video:

NEW AGE Advertising Video:

ROMANCE Advertising Video:

FANTASY Advertising Video:

ADVENTURE Advertising Video:

LOVE Advertising Video:

COUNTER CULTURE Advertising Video:

UNDERGROUND COMIX Advertising Video:

UNDERGROUND COMIX Advertising Video: