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Customers looking for the latest Educational Game where players learn of quotes made by famous people about marijuana can now play "Cannibus Quotes" by Unsigned Records Multimedia.

Cannibus Quotes is designed to appeal specifically to anyone interested in opinions and information about Marijuana and includes:

- Zero Cost – Anybody with a computer and internet service and can play for free.
- He Said She Said – Learn what famous people have to say about Marijuana.
- Information About Marijuana's Psychoactive Effects - The different levels of THC and how long it remains in the system, including how second hand smoke will show THC concentrations in blood serum.
- Marijuana DUI information – Exiting the game takes you to "DON'T GET HIGH AND DRIVE" page with pertinent Marijuana DUI Penalties.
- The Concerns For Medical Marijuana Patients - Those using marijuana in compliance with state laws and their doctors' advice, but who would likely test positive for marijuana while sober.

Gregory Piper, Co-Owner of Unsigned Records Multimedia, when asked about Cannibus Quotes said: "Unlike any game on the market, Cannibus Qiotes is free, fun and fascinating to discover the vastly differing opinions on Marijuana made by famous people while learning the risks of driving while high and how long a high can last." 

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