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Advertising and Marketing Consultants

You’ve worked hard to build your business and make your product or service the best of its kind but it all means nothing if people don’t know you exist. Being alone in a crowd is the worst kind of loneliness and traditional advertising is exorbitantly expensive especially for small local businesses. The Internet is great for business like the ocean is great for fishing but you have about as much of a chance of getting your message seen on the Internet as you would stuffing it into a bottle and throwing it into the sea.

Your business needs to stand out and these days that takes creativity, imagination and guts. If you have only one of these attributes (the last one) then you should call us.

Some examples of our innovative and creative marketing plans:

Promotional Publications - PaperCuts, The Illustrated Lyrics Magazine was created to help promote new music acts by illustrating a band’s song in comic book style and printing it in a magazine that also included a Flexi-Disc Soundsheet © recording of their song. PaperCuts Magazine enjoyed national newsstand distribution and was featured on an episode of the MTV News with Kurt Loder.


Award Winning Animated Music Videos, TV Commercials, Internet Videos - Once you do get people’s attention then directing them to your website is an excellent way to get sales. We produce high quality custom Internet videos for businesses that can easily be adapted for broadcast on local television.

Custom Books and Ebooks - Show you're the expert in your field or make yourself legendary, even a fictional character with custom ghostwritten books and eBooks for Kindle, Nook, etc. These are excellent promotional items that also serve as products.


The first Pizza Fella comic was published in the premiere issue of L.A. Comics in 1971 and continued as a regular feature in the tabloid comics newspapers Two Bit Comics and Okay Comics until 1974 making it part of the Golden Age of Underground Comix (1967 - 1974). Pizza Fella was a teenage delivery boy for a pizzeria in Los Angeles and his job allowed him to have adventures and meet new people in the marijuana counter culture of the early 1970s. Now he’s back to experience a new drug culture in the age of legalized cannabis and medical marijuana. He’s a bit older as medical marijuana is still illegal to minors and no longer breaking the law but he’s as big a pothead as ever.

Touches of the underground comix style of the original comic of the Seventies has been retained but gone are the foul language and seedier elements of the drug culture as now the people he meets that use marijuana could just as easily be older cancer patients or suburban housewives than hippies or urban drug dealers.

Pizza Fella has returned to help chronicle a very interesting time period of changing attitudes and the social experiment that is the new Legalized Cannabis movement.

Revenge Toons - Ever get a bad review and want to somehow get even? Don't get mad, get funny with humorous personalized cartoons that not only get a stab back at whoever made you feel bad but also work as promotion for you. One hundred nasty letters don't equal one vicious cartoon and it shows you have a sense of humor about the whole thing even if your victim doesn't. You can also have your Revenge Toon printed onto a selection of merchandise such as T-shirts and coffee mugs. Also ask how we can make your cartoon go viral on the Internet.


Live Multimedia Show - When Beatles tribute band Revolution wanted to try and get off the road from playing one night dates they asked us to help them design a live show that could get booked for weeks at a time in a theater. A Day In His Life included video projected multimedia with both live action video and animation and the show was scripted, directed and designed by us to expand the Beatles tribute band into the realm of legitimate theater. The show was signed by the William Morris Agency and booked into theaters nationwide.

Character And Mascot Design - Nothing represents your brand better than an original corporate mascot. A fun and interesting character can carry your message far and wide.

Send us an email with your contact info and we’ll get right back to you to discuss how to make your business stand out from the crowd. Our initial consultation is absolutely free! Contact us now so we don’t give the perfect marketing idea for you to your competition.

Email: info@unsigned-records.com

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